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Personal Info:

Email address: Scott@IowaJohnsons.Com

Age: 48 years old
Residence: DES MOINES
State: IA
Country: USA


What can I say? I'm a computer nerd...

I've only been on the Net for about a decade now, but I have been around computers since about 1986. I started out on an Apple //e (my first love) and still have several Apple ][gs's which are pretty much in mothballs at this point.


I work at Curwood (formerly Alcan, formerly Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc., formerly American National Can Co.) in the warehouse department and terrorize the pedestrians on a daily basis with the aid of a forklift. Not much can be said for my aim since I haven't tagged anyone in over 20 years...


At the risk of stating the painfully obvious...I am into computers. I have pretty much built my own PC from parts and upgraded it multiple times over the years. It started out as a bare 286 and has progressed from there to the present which is an AMD Phenom 9550 quad core with 2 gigs of RAM, about 1.2 TB HD space, a Plextor and Sony DVD burner, 27" LG wide flat screen (GREAT for surfing), and a Hauppauge Win-TV HVR-2250 dual TV tuner that runs all the time. I started running Microsoft DOS 3.3, but currently run Windows XP PRO SP3 and Windows 7 Pro in a dual boot configuration.

I ran my own BBS on an Apple ][gs running Warp Six software for several years in the 90's. It was mainly a conversation board with no earth shattering content but we enjoyed ourselves. The trivia game I wrote was also a big hit with the people who frequented my board. I was working on updating the BBS software to version 3.0 with the blessings of the original author, Jim Ferr, and had the beta version up and running on my BBS but I was still working on the installer and the documentation. I had hoped to finish it up someday but free time eluded me and BBSs are now pretty much a thing of the past... Version 3.0 never saw a release.

These are some of the pages that I frequent...

  1. The Warp Six Home Page

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